The World Needs Peace

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I am happy to present ‘The Way to the Rainbow’

Dear Friends,
I’m so thrilled to release my second studio album ‘The Way to the Rainbow’ and happy to inform you that the album is available on:
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The album has been recorded live at the incredible Vladimir Osinsky recording studio, Moscow.
Nick Orsa is an amazing audio engineer and sound producer of this album.
Special thanks to everyone who helped make this important step forward possible!
Thank you for your listening and great support! ♥

Lena Orsa

Neoclassical Music and Our Future

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I believe with all my heart that music can save the world. Let’s write this kind of music about our amazing world with all light and purity we have in our souls.
Now I’m composing new neoclassical compositions for the charitable concerts. It’s meditations about our Planet and faraway planets, our life and future, voice of soul and feelings…
I’m happy to share with you one of the newest compositions Lullaby for the Earth.
It’s available here >>>

Lena Orsa