Elena Borisova was born on March 2, 1982 in Moscow to the applause of the medical students who were doing practical training in maternity hospital. Her mother is an engineer-economist, the author of a number of books on economy and accounting. Her father is an opera singer and an actor.

Since 3 years Lena starts selecting simple melodies and takes the first steps in the composition of music. Having seen it, mother brings the girl at first into group of harmonious development, then in music school to study playing a piano.

From 8 years Lena starts receiving the first creative fees for prize-winning places in composer competitions.

1997. Having brilliantly graduated from music school, Elena comes to the 2nd Moscow Regional College of S. S. Prokofiev at once on two specialties: Music Theory and Piano Playing.

Years of study in musical school at the best teachers were guarantee of fine theoretical and practical base for further creative development.

Having graduated from school with two diplomas with Honours in 2001, Elena with triumph comes to Gnessin Russian Academy of Music to the Department of Music Theory, History and Composition. And in academy good luck again smiles to her: she studies at famous professor Alexey Alekseevich Muravlev on a composition class, who opens the secrets of music composition.

During creative formation in academy Elena begins cooperation with the Misailov Neapolitan ensemble at Bauman MSTU thanks to which the long dream was realized – to play solo with an orchestra ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by Gershwin.

During training in musical academy Elena created over two hundred opuses, including two operas (The Zelenograd Musical Theater put both operas on the stage), a symphony, variations for Russian folk orchestra, a string quartet, ensembles, 24 preludes, numerous works for a piano, romances.

She graduates from the Gnesins Academy in 2006 with an Honours degree with distinction.

In 2007 Elena decides to connect the life to the computer genius Evgeny Borisov, who becomes her husband and takes away from a musical way for the sake of… the engineering. Sharing opinion of the beloved husband, the composer throws the adored musical profession completely to devote himself to interests of darling.

Same year the composer successfully passes entrance examinations and comes to the Financial and Technological Academy (FTA) on the most difficult engineering specialty (Information Security), in only two months having mastered all school course of mathematics, informatics and physics.

Years of study in FTA are also marked by musical events: the organization of own vocal-instrumental ensemble Cantabile, representation to academy at musical competitions, participation in concerts of higher education institution.

Together with the husband, and later independently Elena actively conducts scientific activity. Its scientific works devoted to Internet safety take prizes at scientific conferences and competitions, for them the author receives letters of thanks from administrations of the city and FTA. Receiving a grant of the governor of the Moscow region becomes top of scientific activity.

In parallel with engineering and musical activity, Elena cooperates with the ‘Molodezhny Format’ newspaper: writes articles, interviews, acts in TV programs, works with authors, makes into page the newspaper, develops the draft of the electronic edition.

Creative plans push Elena to enter a Linguistic Institute. There are musical technologies at learning of foreign language in focus of her interests. The series of linguistic and grammatical songs in which the technique of connection of speech and musical intonation takes shape is born.

Besides, as the poetess Elena is actively published in collections ‘Russian Poets’, ‘Poet of the Year’, ‘Seasons’, participates in poetic competitions where takes prizes.

2012 – Elena Borisova ends FTA with Honours degree with distinction. It is the fourth diploma with Honours. The engineering specialty gave opportunity to teach computer and technical disciplines at the universities of Moscow. Preparation for lectures on fractal graphics promoted development of own technology of creation of fractal music and a number of the compositions based on a new method.

At this time Elena collects own musical studio, completely updating the computer and musical equipment. But time for the composition of new music catastrophically isn’t enough…

In 2014 Elena continues to work with engineering activity as the composer and the pianist, cooperating with Gorizont theater and legendary ‘Theater in French’. Despite terrible loadings in the main place work, she manages to fulfill long dream: to play in a number of theatrical performances as the actress and the pianist (‘Seagull’, ‘Tartuffe’, ‘Humulus le muet’). Besides, at theaters she teaches a vocal and writes music to theatrical performances (‘Anna Snegina’, ‘Tartuffe’).

In 2015 Elena understands that the main thing in her life is MUSIC. It completely comes back her to the musical sphere. It is the year of the beginning of active cooperation with the leading world publishing houses, musical archives and portals in Europe and the USA (MusicaNeo, SMP Press). Besides, Elena releases the debut solo album ‘Journey to the Heart of the Piano’ at her own studio.

Elena actively participates in shootings of documentaries, TV-show, TV programs, airs, cooperating with entertainment stars, bands as the invited pianist and the keyboard player (‘The main scene’, ‘the Victory. Songs. Love’, ‘Wide evening’, etc.).

This year Elena realized another dream by begininng a career as a film composer.