Winter Music: November & December 2017 new music releases

Dear Friends,
I’m happy to share with you my WINTER MUSIC: it’s November and December 2017 new music releases:
The Christmas Waltz, download here >>>
Red Cat, download here >>>
Our Beautiful Earth, download here >>>
A Little Christmas Music, download here >>>
Touching the White Clouds, download here >>>
The Silk Road, download here >>>


I am happy to present ‘The Way to the Rainbow’

Dear Friends,
I’m so thrilled to release my second studio album ‘The Way to the Rainbow’ and happy to inform you that the album is available on:
♪ iTunes >>>
♪ Amazon >>>
♪ Google Play >>>
The album has been recorded live at the incredible Vladimir Osinsky recording studio, Moscow.
Nick Orsa is an amazing audio engineer and sound producer of this album.
Special thanks to everyone who helped make this important step forward possible!
Thank you for your listening and great support! ♥

Lena Orsa

Great News: NOOSPHERIC’s new album has been released

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that finally NOOSPHERIC’s new album has been released! It was a long way to create something absolutely new. Energy music for life, sport, driving.
Speed & Freedom album is available on Amazon >>>
iTunes >>>
Thank you for your listening and great support!
Nick Orsa & Lena Orsa
release electronic energy music for life