Sheet Music Catalogues News

Dear Friends,
I’m so happy to share with you my new sheet music for piano solo.
NEW SHEET MUSIC – available now:
🎼 Theme from the music to the film ‘The Notes’ for piano >>>
🎼 Italian Waltz >>>
🎼 Old Friends Ragtime >>>
🎼 Music for Life – Album >>>
🎼 Suite ‘The Lord of the Rings’ >>>

I hope you like it
Lena Orsa


NEW RELEASE! Let’s Go to Zanzibar

Dear friends,

I’m happy to share with you my new composition for symphony orchestra ‘Let’s Go to Zanzibar‘.

This music is dedicated to amazing Zanzibar and Freddie Mercury, who was born here. It’s my new film music and I plan to add this composition as a soundtrack for a documentary film about Africa.

I hope you will like it.

Lena Orsa

Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition Competition

Let’s start the New Year with new music!
My submission for @SpitfireAudio Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition competition >>>

P.S. For more information about the competition:

Sheet Music Catalogues News


1) Три танго (Three Tangos)

2) Неаполитанская тарантелла для симфонического оркестра (Neapolitan Tarantella)

3) “Город, где мечтал Шопен” для флейты и фортепиано (The Town of Chopin’s Dreams)

4) “Прощание с мечтой” из музыки к фильму ‘Маячник’ для альта и фортепиано (Farewell to the Dream from the music to the film ‘The Light Keeper’)

New soundtrack from the film ‘The Light Keeper’

Meet my new soundtrack from the film ‘The Light Keeper’

The main themes have been published on MusicaNeo:

He and She (Love’s Theme) from the music to the film ‘The Light Keeper’ >>>

Farewell to the Dream from the music to the film ‘The Light Keeper’ >>>

Special thanks to the film director Nadezhda Shmeleva for the inspired collaboration.