The World Needs Peace

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times” – from a postapocalyptic novel.

Everyone has the right to live a normal life. From 2020 we all being deprived from our basic human rights. Around the world. The events of the few last years show the global genocide generated by blood political games. And the genocide under the guise of “sanctions”, “peacekeepers’ invasions” or “voluntary immunisations” is the most dangerous. 

I’m against this global information warfare. I’m always against war and violence. 

All normal people don’t want war. Now we all are on the same boat, and the future depends on the choices of each person. 

Together we can stop the evil through love and friendship, through critical thinking and understanding of global processes. 

Human life is the highest value.

No genocide 

THE BEST MUSIC of 2019 by Lena Orsa

THANK YOU a lot for your GREAT support! ❤
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THE BEST MUSIC of 2019 by Lena Orsa:
00:00 Passion Tango
Arseny Strokovsky, accordion
Ivan Dyma, alto saxophone
Lena Orsa, composer, piano
03:14 Ghost House
06:15 Greek Salad Ragtime
Ekaterina Kolcheva, piano
07:44 Chocolate Cake Ragtime
Ekaterina Kolcheva, piano
10:12 Good Morning My Love
12:37 Touch The Sunrise
Lena Orsa, piano
14:43 The Finch Bird
Lena Orsa, piano
16:19 Memory
19:59 Pink Marshmallow Ragtime
Ivan Dyma, arrangement & saxophones
22:19 Greek Salad Ragtime
Ivan Dyma, arrangement & saxophones


Дорогие друзья, презентация нашего нового мюзикла “Тёмкина история” планируется 19 октября! 📀🎶
С удовольствием делимся с вами анонсом, в котором поют:
Тёмка – Вероника Гончарова
Паук – Юрий Гальцев
Бабочка – Наталия Княжинская
Мама – Дина Руцкая
Папа – Пётр Абрамов
Медведь – Антон Сунцов
Хор – воспитанники Творческого центра “Эпицентр Талантов”

Автор либретто – Юля Володина
Автор музыки – Лена Орса
Звукорежиссура – Николай Орса