The World Needs Peace

World without war. Future without war.
Peace must be the main priority in our life. There can be only one: fight for the peace of the world. ‘Make friends not war’ must be the most important words for everyone.
Our planet today remains a dangerous place marked by non-stop wars and conflicts. Awful wars affect the people’s lives and environment. It’s linked with rising levels of homelessness and hunger for many people. Why do wars still happen on this earth?
The best thing we can do is to stop war, to prevent it. We don’t need cannons, bombs and guns. All conflicts can be resolved peacefully through constructive diplomatic dialogue. Our mission is to create a good home for all. We have to decide before it’s too late.
People, let’s stop war and hunger. Let’s build peace, humanity and friendship among nations. Let’s build technology that gets the best of humanity. Let’s save the environment for the next generation.
The World needs peace.

С Новым годом, друзья!

Друзья, сегодня наступит один из главных праздников не только у нас в России, но и во всём мире.
Но Новый год, к сожалению, стал праздником не для всех… У нас в стране некоторым людям не на что есть, а некоторые насмерть замерзают в собственных домах, когда отключают отопление за неуплату. Виртуальные ёлочки и новогодние открытки – это всё хорошо и мило, но давайте по возможности реально поможем нуждающимся, хотя бы в том же магазине: видите пенсионера, которому явно не хватает денег на еду, можно, например, представиться волонтёром и помочь, или сделать праздничное представление для детей, у которых нет возможности попасть на ёлку. Главное – сеять доброе, разумное, вечное. В мире столько всего, что требует улучшения! Не будьте равнодушными! Будьте на волне радости, будьте на волне созидательного творчества и БУДЬТЕ СЧАСТЛИВЫ!!!

А для вас моя новая новогодняя песенка. 🎄🎄🎄🎁🍰
С теплом и любовью,
Лена Орса

Music For Everyone: 40 Countries!


40 amazing countries where my music has been used in movies, ads, video games, podcasts and has been performed by many musicians at concerts.

10 most popular pieces:

Chinese Umbrellas Ragtime >>>
Red Cat >>>
The Christmas Waltz >>>
A Christmas Tale >>>
Raindrops Ragtime >>>
27 Funny Meat Dumplings >>>
Magic Christmas >>>
Krishnachura >>>
A Little Christmas Music >>>
Pistachio Ice Cream Ragtime >>>



Dear Friends,
I’am very happy to inform you that finally my 3rd studio album PIANO LOVE SONGS has been released! It was a long way to create 15 piano compositions about feelings of love, love for nature, happiness and sincerity.
The album is now available on:
Amazon here >>>
Google Play here >>>

The album has been recorded live at the Vladimir Osinsky recording studio.
Nick Orsa is an audio engineer and sound producer of this album.

Special thanks to everyone who’s helped me.
Thank you for your listening and great support!

From Russia with Love,
Lena Orsa

El Dia De Puro Placer

Dear Friends,
We’re so happy to release our new song ‘EL DIA DE PURO PLACER’.
This song is now available on Google Play here >>>
on AMAZON here >>>
It’s music for happiness and joy! We hope you will enjoy this happy song which was created with all our LOVE.

Masha Bukhanets, vocal solo, lyrics, back vocal
Lena Orsa, music, arrangement, piano
Nick Orsa, sound producer, percussion
V. Osinsky Recording Studio

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this song!
Thank you for your listening and great support! ♥