Детский альбом для фортепиано: Марш

Ноты фортепианного марша из моего детского альбома.



Детский альбом для фортепиано: “Игра в догонялки”

Ноты фортепианной пьесы “Игра в догонялки” из моего детского альбома.


Краткое руководство по инструментовке от Кэнтаро Сато (на английском)

10 законов инструментовки

First Law: Loud notes tend to be heard, and soft notes tend to be covered.

Second Law: Outer voices tend to be heard, and inner voices tend to blend.

Third Law: Unique timbres tend to be heard, and similar timbres tend to blend.

Forth Law: Moving lines tend to be heard, and sustained lines tend to be covered.

Fifth Law: High notes hardly ever mask low notes, and low notes rather easily mask high notes.

Sixth Law: Musicians cannot play lines beyond their level of musicianship.

Seventh Law: Musicians cannot play lines beyond the capacities of their instrument.

Eighth Law: Musicians tend to play given lines with the minimum effort required.

Ninth Law: Musicians play most musically when musical lines are not given to, but written for their instrument.

Tenth Law: Wrong and/or unclear notations and instructions lead to wrong and/or unclear performances.